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The Role of RSL's in Australia

​Many people believe that the RSL only assist veterans and their families when in need. This is most definitely our primary objective, and we’ve been doing it since 1917.


When there is nowhere else to turn, current and former ADF personnel and their dependants can rely on us to provide support, advocacy, guidance and comfort. We tailor that support to each unique situation – whether its assistance with paying bills, home maintenance, medical expenses and transport needs or it’s just a bit of regular company and someone to talk to, the RSL’s network of trained, dedicated volunteers are there to help.


We effectively cover Australia with our network of state branches and Sub Branches and we provide support to current and former members of the defence forces including those currently deployed overseas and in particular, those wounded in action. We provide many advocacy services to ensure our veterans get their relevant entitlements so that they can live their post-service life with dignity.


At the same time, we are actively involved in commemorative and educational activity to ensure that those who fought and often died to protect our way of life are never forgotten. We want to make sure that young Australians understand and respect this sacrifice.


In addition to this however, we are a community organisation and our community support is wide and varied including:

  • Local sporting groups and clubs

  • Educational institutions with grants and scholarships

  • Emergency services with equipment and funding

  • Health and aged care

  • Kindred organisations such as Legacy

  • Other mainstream charities doing great work across Victoria.

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